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About Us

Read Write Discover aims to address illiteracy and language barriers by helping youth improve their literacy skills and build confidence in their reading and writing skills through educational programs.

Through direct service, outreach, and engagement, Read Write Discover:

  • Provides literacy tutoring to elementary and middle school students struggling in language arts
  • Increases access to higher education for high school students through workshops for SAT preparation, college application process, and financial aid
  • Fosters a culture of community engagement for the members involved and community at large

Read Write Discover (formerly known as Read to Succeed!) is a program that matches high school students with youth grades first through eighth grades in an effort to help improve their literacy skills. This program targets students who are struggling in reading and writing or whose families face language barriers in their communities. Taking place during the summertime, this program provides services at a time when free, school-based programs are limited and some families cannot afford fee-based supplemental educational programs. Founded in 2006, this program is located in community libraries and has grown to serve hundreds of youth every year.

Note: Please bear with us as we update our site. If you have any questions, please email rwd (at) readwritediscover.org