Our Results

We focus on our tutors and learners setting concrete goals and working together to achieve them.

    • Tutors plan lessons for each tutoring session which include books and pages to read, activities, and planned discussions.
    • Progress is evaluated after each session and a mid-program progress report is sent home to parents which includes an assessment of 4 areas: Reading (reading out loud and pronounciation), Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Other (behavior, participation, effort, etc.)
    • Tutors include both a current assessment of each area as well as a plan for improvement
    • A homework calendar is filled out and used to ensure that learners continue to read on their own outside of the program
    • End of the program progress reports help tutors and learners reflect on their progress throughout the summer and set future goals. These reports can also help future tutors if the student returns to the program

Our community partners and the parents of our students value and recommend our program.

“It was an important program for a lot of kids who might have otherwise been without reading, writing, or tutoring for the entire summer.   The kids were engaged throughout the program and they seemed to be learning and having fun while they were participating.     It was also a great program for the teen volunteers, who seemed to get a lot out of giving something back to the community and learning various leadership & teaching  skills that the program requires. We received positive feedback from our staff and our community, so we thank you for your efforts to bring it to our library.”

Benjamin Lundholm, Head Librarian, Hillview Library (currently at MLK Library)

“This was a great program.  I’m definitely signing my children up for it again next year.  They learned so much!”

RWD 2013 Parent Survey