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Our Team

Austin Yu, Director

Austin has been a learner, tutor, coordinator, and is now a member of the Read Write Discover executive team. He hopes to expand RWD and improve the program every year. Being passionate about literacy, Austin hopes that RWD can provide free tutoring to all those who could greatly benefit from the program. Austin studied Psychology, Biology, and Economics at UC Davis and now works in Sacramento.

Griffin Ong, Director

Griffin has been a member of the Read Write Discover team since 2017. As a native of San Francisco, he was excited about giving back to his hometown community and helping students who are struggling with reading and writing. Griffin became deeply involved with community service and nonprofit work while a student at UCLA, and found that his passion lies in helping others become the best they can be which is one of the reasons he joined RWD. Griffin earned degrees in Neuroscience and Film, Television, and Digital Media from the University of California,
Los Angeles.

John Duong, Director

John has been a part of Read Write Discover since 2017. He is excited to promote literacy and engage with the community. As a son of refugees, reading and writing was difficult growing up and he had to participate in several reading intervention programs throughout grade school to keep up with his peers. After graduating from Milpitas High School, he studied Education and Asian American Studies at UCLA. Today, John is a fourth grade teacher at his alma mater in Milpitas and is ecstatic to work with such an incredible program.

Lena Huang, Director

Lena joined Read Write Discover as a director in 2016. She is excited to be involved with RWD as she is interested in non-profit organizations and is excited to help the organization with its goals of improving literacy and helping students realize that they can not only succeed at but also enjoy reading and writing. Lena studied Psychology at the University of California, Irvine and is now a program coordinator in San Diego.

Sarah Heraldo, Director

Sarah joined the Read Write Discover team in 2016. She became involved because she wanted to join a local organization that promoted literacy and heard about Read Write Discover through the San Jose Library. She previously studied Child and Adolescent Development at San Francisco State University and now works in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education.

Seema Ullal, Director

Seema has been a member of the Read Write Discover executive team since 2012. Seema’s passion for improving access to education for all students stems from her involvement in tutoring and mentoring organizations at UCLA, and later her work as a ninth-grade Algebra teacher through Teach for America. She is excited to be a part of Read Write Discover as she believes that literacy is an essential skill that many students struggle with. She studied Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles and then studied computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Seema now works as a software engineer in San Francisco.


Jamie Yao

Jamie has been with Read Write Discover since its start in 2006 and has served in the roles of tutor, coordinator, mentor, and member of its leadership team. Jamie first got her start tutoring youth from disadvantaged backgrounds as a tutor for elementary school students. She continues to be inspired by the dedication of the learners, families, tutors, librarians, and fellow team members with whom she works. At UCLA, she supported student volunteer organizations as the leader of the UCLA Community Service Commission. Jamie received a degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA and later completed her MD at UCSF.

Lena Lam

Lena first got involved with Read to Succeed! (now Read Write Discover) as a volunteer tutor in the summer of 2008. The following summer, she returned to the program as the program coordinator for the Milpitas program. Lena became involved with RWD because the no-cost programs help students who are struggling in reading and writing and may not otherwise have access to supplemental educational programs. As a first-generation high school and college student, she personally understands the impact of literacy tutoring on a young child’s education, and was very honored to be a part of the RWD team. Lena received degrees in molecular and cell biology and sociology at University of California, Berkeley.

Arthur Tran

Arthur first became involved with Read Write Discover in the summer of 2011, when he was a volunteer for the Milpitas Library Branch. During the summer of 2012, he worked as the coordinator for the program before joining the RWD executive team. Since then, he has mentored and overseen multiple branches throughout San Jose, working closely with coordinators and librarians. He understands that there is a need for tutoring programs such as RWD for students struggling with reading and writing, and he hopes to reach out to even more people as the organization expands. He studied Chemical Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Michelle Vu

Michelle first became involved with Read Write Discover since she was chosen to be the first coordinator for the program at Evergreen Branch Library in 2013. She was then recruited to join the executive leadership team after her coordinator term ended. She has been helping the team coordinate events and planning new ideas for future summer programs ever since. Michelle’s passion for Read Write Discover grew throughout her term because she knew that she was leading a group of peers and learners to better their education, and ultimately themselves. As a child, she also struggled with reading and writing, so to be able to finally use her skills of communicating and branching out to others with what was pulling her behind in school, she was able to make one of the most successful starting programs of the year. Michelle is a student at San Jose State University.

Margaret Bratt

Margaret joined the team in the summer of 2014. She worked on several projects including assisting with website editing and writing survey documents for coordinators. Margaret has found throughout her experience in school how valuable and rewarding education is. She aims to continue advocacy and support of education through RWD, doing anything that is needed to support this program that she believes strongly in. Margaret is currently a student at Smith College.