Our Team

Sarah Heraldo

Executive Director

Sarah joined the Read Write Discover team in 2016. She became involved because she wanted to join a local organization that promoted literacy and heard about Read Write Discover through the San Jose Library. She previously studied Child and Adolescent Development at San Francisco State University. After graduating, she worked in various educational capacities (nonprofit sector, educational field trip programs, public schools, and private schools). She is involved in community outreach and is passionate about free education and educational resources. She currently works as a Recruiting Coordinator for Course Hero in Redwood City.

Oversees: Seven Trees Branch Library, Excelsior Branch Library, Ocean View Branch Library
Contact: sheraldo@readwritediscover.org

Seema Ullal

Program Director

Seema has been a member of the Read Write Discover executive team since 2012. Seema’s passion for improving access to education for all students stems from her involvement in tutoring and mentoring organizations at UCLA, and later her work as a ninth-grade Algebra teacher through Teach for America. She is excited to be a part of Read Write Discover as she believes that literacy is an essential skill that many students struggle with. She studied Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles and then studied computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Seema now works as a software engineer in San Francisco.

Contact: sullal@readwritediscover.org

Christabel Miranda

Administrative Chair

Christabel joined the Read Write Discover team in 2018 and currently serves as the Administrative Chair. After learning about an opportunity with Read Write Discover, she was happy to support a program that positively impacts the youths of her local community. She is currently working on building out the Read Write Discover coordinator platform, and working on training materials for our tutors. Christabel is excited for the impact RWD will make on her community in the coming years. She is also currently studying Biochemistry at San Jose State University.

Contact: cmiranda@readwritediscover.org

Lisa Le

Operations & Outreach Manager

In pursuit of amplifying her passion in education empowerment, Lisa joined the Read Write Discover team in 2017. Along with her extensive experience in mentoring youth as a Head Volunteer of the San Jose Public Library, Lisa’s ambition to tutoring for RWD earned her a nomination to coordinate the program at Seven Trees Branch the following year. Since 2018, Lisa has been the Operations and Outreach Manager of RWD. Much of her time is dedicated at City Hall and local community organizations where she leads efforts to establish policies and programs that pivot her advocacy efforts for youth, education, and public health reform. Lisa currently works for Miss CEO as one of 21 national Ambassadors and will pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology as an incoming freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Contact: lle@readwritediscover.org

Anne Tran

Program Manager

Anne joined the Read Write Discover team in 2016. Having previously attended the program as a primary school student, Anne became involved to pay it forward and help the youths of her community build a strong foundation in literacy. As a big advocate of increasing education accessibility in underserved communities, Anne made an impact by volunteering as a tutor and then site coordinator for the Berryessa Library branch of Read Write Discover. Currently, she remains involved offsite as a program manager while she pursues a Bachelor’s of Science in Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. Anne seeks to help Read Write Discover continue to grow and positively influence the lives of students like her younger self.

Oversees: Tully Branch Library
Contact: atran@readwritediscover.org

Ben Truong

Program Manager

Ben started off as a tutor for RWD at the Noble Library in 2016, became a coordinator at the same library the following year in 2017, and stuck around as an adviser in 2018 before joining the RWD team the same year. He is currently studying art and design at Mission College and is looking to transfer to a university for game art and game design. He does get busy throughout the year, but he always finds time to come back to RWD.

Oversees: Bascom Branch Library
Contact: btruong@readwritediscover.org

Blaze Ann Carbonell

Program Manager

Blaze Ann has been a part of the Read Write Discover team since her freshman year of high school. With a passion for working with children, she became a tutor for the program in 2014 and eventually served as the co-coordinator of the Milpitas library branch in 2016. After graduating high school, Blaze Ann moved to study Molecular Biology at UC San Diego. However, her love for the program’s mission and its impact on the community has led her back to continue volunteering for Read Write Discover as a Program Manager.

Oversees: Milpitas Library & Educational Park Branch Library
Contact: bacarbonell@readwritediscover.org

Jessica Liang

Program Manager

Jessica joined the Read Write Discover team in 2015 as a tutor in the SF Chinatown Library. Her sister was a coordinator at the time, so Jessica decided to try tutoring because she wanted to help improve English literacy, especially among students who grew up in non-English speaking families. For the following three years, she became a coordinator for the SF Parkside branch. She is an incoming freshman who is planning to study Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Jessica continues to be involved with RWD as she strives to mentor future coordinators and contribute to improving the program every year. She strongly believes in free education and providing equal opportunities for students to succeed.

Oversees: Parkside Branch Library
Contact: jliang@readwritediscover.org

Nathan Kline

Program Manager

Nathan joined the Read Write Discover team in 2013. He became involved originally because he wanted to pursue a summer activity to put on his future college applications and found Read Write Discover on his high school website. He originally served as a tutor for the Berryessa Branch of the program, before becoming the coordinator of the branch, and is currently one of the program managers that oversees several branches. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology at UCSD. He has continued to serve this organization out of a passionate for providing a free program for kids that encourages literacy through a fun, educational environment.

Oversees: Berryessa Branch Library & Joyce Ellington Branch Library
Contact: nkline@readwritediscover.org

Vanessa Nguyen

Program Manager

Vanessa joined the Read Write Discover team in 2016. She heard about Read Write Discover through friends and became involved because she loves working with children and having the opportunity to positively impact the lives of young children and families. She is currently studying Human Developmental Sciences at University of California, San Diego. She has been involved in nonprofit community-service organizations and worked as an academic instructor that teaches math, English, and public speaking. She is currently involved in the Vietnamese Student Association and continues to be involved with RWD because of her strong passion for building a foundation of literacy and education for her local community.

Oversees: Hillview Branch Library
Contact: vnguyen@readwritediscover.org