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Our Program

Targeted to those who need the most help

    • Use teachers referrals in order to target struggling students and those without supplemental resources
    • Operate in areas where there are high numbers of students who struggle with literacy and few or no resources to help them
    • Ensure that all students have access to the help they need- studies show that students from low-income families lose more of their reading ability over the summer than higher-income families

Based on belief that learning can be fun

    • Work with librarians to find books of literary value that students will enjoy
    • Incorporate art, theater, and other creative outlets into the curriculum
    • Celebrate students’ accomplishments at the end of the summer through the Big Activity (past examples have included potlucks, skits, scavenger hunts, and awards ceremonies)
    • Show students that reading is enjoyable in order to make them life-long readers

Focused on the tutor-learner relationship

    • Pair students with the same tutor throughout the summer to ensure they build a relationship with one another
    • Customize lesson plans with concrete goals for each student and evaluate progress through progress reports
    • Provide not only tutoring but also mentoring- volunteers motivate and encourage learners