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Welcome the Brand New Hires to the RWD Team

Read Write Discover had the idea of releasing leadership opportunities to their high school audience— then came pouring in the applicants. The Communications Manager, Event Planning Associate, and Outreach Associate positions were open for some time, but now Tamra, Shanaya, and Fardin are here. Excitingly, all of these individuals have worked with RWD in the past, and are now stepping up to join the rest of the leadership team.

Tamra (Outreach Associate) Shanaya (Event Planning Fardin (Communications

Associate) Manager)

So… what do a bunch of high school kids do on a leadership team?

While they may be new, the new hires are no coffee runner interns. Instead, they are working closely with some of the project managers, and working towards expanding RWD. Tamra has been working as the Outreach Manager. In her role, she focuses on reaching out to potential tutors and coordinators, and creates outreach strategies for the future. Shanaya, is the Event Planning Associate, who is working with Niki to create exciting new events for RWD. Some of the things she has been up to include: releasing new events and finding opportunities for the RWD community. For communications, Fardin has been working with the Marketing and Communications Team consisting of Dennis and Christabel. Some of the projects he has kickstarted include working on newsletters and blogs, and advertising workshops.

Why RWD?

All of these new hires have worked with the program in the past, and are excited to stay involved through these leadership positions. Fardin says that he joined the leadership team because he was once a tutee which made him familiar with RWD’s structure, and he thought, “why not go full circle and join the leadership team as well?” He has always found joy in tutoring, and hopes joining the leadership team will further expose him in other areas in this field. Shanaya says, “I have been surrounded by the RWD community for a while now and I believe this position would only help me sharpen my leadership qualities”. She feels that RWD is the perfect place to be because she has been familiar with it in the past and enjoys the community. Tamra has also had her own share of time in RWD. She first started tutoring for RWD in the summer of 2020, and said she truly loved the experience so she continued to stay involved. One of the things she really enjoys about RWD is the “idea of how to make change in [her] community, since everyone at RWD is really passionate about the work we are doing, and is actively working to make our mission possible”.

What are they getting out of this?

By joining the leadership team, these new hires are gaining many valuable skills and attributes such as leadership qualities, giving back to the community, and communication skills. These skills will help them in the long run as they find more leadership opportunities outside of RWD and in their own lives and passions.

With all these new hires, we’re excited to continue sharing how RWD is growing and strengthening everyday to create the most welcoming community for you.

Welcome everyone!

“Almost everything that is great has been done by the youth.” - Benjamin Disraeli, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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