160 North Main St. Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 753-0793 [0RWD] rwd@readwritediscover.org

RWD is currently searching for highly motivated, responsible, and dedicated tutors. Selected interns will be trained to organize and lead all aspects of the RWD program at their designated library site.


If you would like to apply as a tutor at one of our other library locations, please click here

Feel free to email us at rwd@readwritediscover.org with any questions.

Read Write Discover

We offer no-cost tutoring to students in need through our summer programs

Targeted to the Greatest Need

We serve areas that have a need for our program and target students who are recommended by their teachers

Volunteer Run

Our organization is entirely volunteer run, from the high school students who serve as tutors and site coordinators to the members of our admin team

Connected to the Community

We partner with libraries, schools, literacy organizations, and city governments. We believe in the important of building strong ties with the communities we serve.

Goal Oriented, Evaluation Driven

We use parent, tutor, and librarian evaluations to help us improve and expand our program.