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Read Write Discover aims to promote literacy through individualized lesson plans and the relationship between tutor and learner. We hope to build literacy confidence in youth, through summer tutoring in reading and writing.

Through direct service, outreach, and engagement, Read Write Discover:

  • Provides individualized lesson plans and literacy tutoring to elementary and middle school students
  • Allows high school students to build leadership skills and gain autonomy and ownership in their respective programs
  • Fosters a culture of community engagement for families and community members


In 2019, Read Write Discover…

  • partnered with 11 libraries in the Bay Area
  • empowered 20 coordinators to lead their own RWD program
  • accepted 170 high school tutors to develop individualized lesson plans and curriculum for their learners
  • enrolled 367 K-8 learners across all branches to develop their literacy skills

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