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Read Write Discover

is fighting illiteracy by helping learners build confidence in their reading and writing skills over the summer.

In 2006, a group of high school students from Milpitas High School began volunteering at local elementary schools to help young learners improve their reading and writing skills. Realizing that those same youth needed extra support during summer break, they reached out to the Milpitas Library to ask if they could continue to tutor their learners there.

Since then, Read Write Discover has grown and partnered with libraries and high school students across the Bay Area, bringing free, personalized tutoring to more than 300 students every summer.

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To increase access to equitable literacy opportunities for K-8th grade learners by empowering young leaders to make a change in their communities.


We envision a world where every child has access to free, equitable literacy opportunities to prepare them for lifelong success.

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We are creating opportunities for young people to grow, teach, and positively impact others in their communities.

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We want to make young people excited about learning, creating lifelong learners that are set up for future success.

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We provide a free, accessible resource that builds nurturing and supportive relationships within our communities.

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We grow lasting connections between tutors and learners by creating relevant programs and a culture that welcomes everyone.

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We believe in service and giving back, for the benefit  of our communities and the world.

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