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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Read Write Discover?
    Read Write Discover is a completely volunteer-run summer learning program for K-8th grade students. We offer free, individualized tutoring aimed at improving reading and writing skills.
  • Where can I find my local RWD program site?
    Since its conception, and with the exception of Summer 2020, RWD has been hosted at our local libraries. As a result, our learners have regular, easy access to library books and resources! In the past, we have partnered with select libraries from: Santa Clara County Library District, San Francisco Public Library, and San Jose Public Library. Check out our list of partners on our location page.
  • When does the program take place?
    As a summer tutoring program, we hope to mitigate summer learning loss in young children by providing supplemental reading and writing lessons outside of the school year. Therefore, our program begins in late June and concludes in early August.
  • Where do RWD’s tutors come from?
    We recruit and train high school students from our local communities to build lesson plans and be effective tutors. They are mentored by our organization’s leadership team, who were once tutors themselves!
  • How can I bring RWD to my community?
    If you are interested in bringing RWD to your community, we would love to hear from you! You can suggest a location by filling out this form.
  • When does learner enrollment begin for the program?
    Learner enrollment begins in the late Spring/early Summer. To enroll, parents/guardians must be at the library site to fill out our registration forms. Specific registration dates, as well as library partners and program dates, will be announced in our newsletter. We highly recommend signing up to stay informed!
  • Do you offer priority registration for returning learners?
    Registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis; both new and returning learners and families will have equal opportunity to join the program.
  • What are learners taught over the summer?
    Tutors will help learners in topics such as: reading comprehension, writing strategies, and vocabulary development, among others. Prior to the start of the program, learners are given a reading and writing assessment to help tutors develop more personalized lesson plans.
  • What does a typical program session look like?
    Learners will have 1:1 time with their tutor, as well as group work time with other learners. Near the end of the program, each site has their own unique Big Activity. Over the years, our sites have had carnivals, story-telling time, and talent shows on this special day! Each site will also hold an Awards Ceremony, where learners and tutors alike are recognized for their achievements.
  • How can I become involved, as a parent/guardian?"
    Our program sessions cannot take place unsupervised. We need adult volunteers to supervise the room and assist our coordinators as needed. If you are interested in being an adult volunteer, please fill out our interest form here.
  • Can I enroll my child in multiple program sites?
    We ask parents to refrain from enrolling their child(ren) in multiple sites because of our limited space. We would like to provide as many learning opportunities as possible for our community, and multiple enrollments would limit our ability to do this.
  • How old do I have to be volunteer for RWD?
    At minimum, you must be at least 14 years of age, or an incoming freshman in high school (9th grade) to volunteer for RWD.
  • Are any of your opportunities paid?
    RWD is an entirely volunteer-run summer learning program; we do not have any paid opportunities at this time.
  • Are there any benefits of being a tutor?
    Yes! In addition to receiving service hours, you will receive training on constructing lesson plans and being an effective tutor and communicator. You will also be able to greatly broaden your network to include many other passionate, like-minded individuals.
  • Are there any specific criteria a potential tutor must meet? Is prior experience required?
    The only criteria we look for in tutors are: (1) The ability to commit to a steady schedule with RWD (if you are a full time tutor) (2) You must be a high school student (9th-12th grade)
  • Is there a minimum time commitment to be a tutor?
    If you are a full time tutor, the minimum time commitment is roughly ~5 hours per week. This includes attendance for all tutoring sessions and check-in sessions with your Program Coordinator, as well as any needed prep time.
  • What if I can’t make it to a tutoring session? // I would like to volunteer at RWD, but I cannot be a full-time tutor during the summer."
    We offer opportunities to be a substitute tutor as well. If a full-time tutor is suddenly unable to attend a session, we reach out to our substitute tutors to step in!
  • When does recruitment begin for potential tutors?
    Recruitment begins as early as February and rolls until May. During this time, you may want to keep an eye out on our social media and/or website for details!
  • Once I submit my application, what does the timeline look like?"
    After you submit your application, expect a Program Coordinator to reach out to you within a week. The next step is typically an interview, later followed by formal training sessions with the RWD Leadership Team. Then, the program starts in June!
  • What does the training process look like for tutors? How long does it take?
    The training process begins with attending the tutor orientation, which is a presentation explaining the roles and responsibilities associated with being a tutor and a member of RWD. Training sessions are led by the RWD leadership team, and occur monthly prior to the start of the program. By attending each session, you will learn how to engage your learners, build lesson plans, and communicate effectively, among many other things.
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